Nueva Ecija, Philippines

In this place,
Evelyn Mangulabnan
was killed

Age: 29

Birthplace: Manila

Place of Death:

Nueva Ejica

Evelyn and her husband were activists helping the rural areas of Nueva Ecija.
They were murdered by the military.

Evelyn Mangulabnan spent her life being the voice of the voiceless.
Her activism began when she immersed herself in the resistance of two barrios against the workers’ relocation for the Bataan Export Processing Zone.
She then became a member of the Kabataang Makabayan where she organized nursery schools for street children and taught mothers childcare lessons in Manila.

Evelyn also participated in various rallies
and demonstrations around 1970-1971 and joined a group of student organizers from areas around the mouth of Pasig river.
In 1972, she married fellow activist Ric Mangulabnan and gave birth to their daughter.

September 1977

Being activists themselves, Evelyn and her husband were included on the military hit list upon the declaration of Martial Law.
The couple left their daughter to relatives and eventually joined the underground resistance movement against the Marcos dictatorship in Bataan.
They continued to work there, particularly in helping displaced workers.

Evelyn and her husband later left Bataan and moved to Nueva Ecija where they provided medical assistance and education in the rural areas.
Next thing their family knew was the young couple got killed by the military in September 1977.

Their remains are still missing to this day.