Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines

In this place,
Immanuel Obispo
was last seen alive

Age: 21

Birthplace: Unknown

Place of Death:

Last seen in
De La Salle University.

Imo went to school right here in De La Salle University.
One day, he was kidnapped around this location.
8 days later, he was found dead in Laguna.

Immanuel Obispo (nicknamed “Imo”) was one of the activists that went missing during the Marcos Regime.
Aside from being a third-year Biology major in De La Salle University, he became a student leader amongst his fellow Lasallians.
He juggled academics with his participation in student rallies, and his many contributions to the La Salle school publication.
Some of his articles criticized the policies of the administration, raising the consciousness of other students and inspiring them to rise up against the dictatorship.

October 17, 1984

On October 17, 1984, Imo went to school as normal.
But after not coming home that day, his parents searched for 8 days before finding him again.

His body was found in a hospital in Laguna after mysteriously being run over by a train.

Imo was kidnapped and murdered at a time when many other critics suffered similar violent treatment.
Other students from De La Salle University also reported intense military surveillance around their school.

It is safe to assume that Immanuel Obispo was killed by the military.